There Is No Excuse For Not Living The Dream

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Each one of us is related to a human who has done miraculous feats. Whether it be building the pyramids, walking on the moon or even living in caves and hunting for meat in the wild. There is no excuse for not living your dream. You can stop spending, eating or whatever unhealthy habit you have started and believe you can’t stop.

Just so happens that in this day and age most of us pathetically prefer to wimp out. We don’t even make the first attempt to change our life, never mind follow our dreams. We watch television, surf the net, raid the fridge or find a million pitiful distractions to fill some kind of imaginary void in our mundane lives.

I don’t buy it for one second that we can’t make life changes right now. If we as humans had survived in the wilderness all those centuries and performed all those feats, then why can’t we put down that extra piece of fucking pizza? Or not even order it in the first place. People in this day and ages have gotten lazy, undisciplined, whiny and seem to find the most absurd justifications for avoiding success.

There are no excuses. And if you are thinking of one right now, keep living your cookie cutter depressing life. No one cares.

You can stand up right now and make a pledge to yourself that you will live your dream. You can devote at least thirty minutes a day to plan or execute the life you dream about. There are no excuses. If you have found one then you are fooling yourself… again.

The choice is 100% clear. There are no more excuses.  You have run out.

Do it.

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