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The cutting edge series is a series of articles aimed at waking individuals up. Life is too short to let it pass by and phenomenal success is just around the corner if you apply these principals. This article deals with the most valuable goal setting tool, used by phenomenally successful people.

The most important tip for reaching goals is to use reminders on a regular basis. I cannot stress this enough. Reminders make sure we update our progress on a regular basis and are on the right track to reaching our goals and our dream goals. Tiger Woods uses a coach to help him improve his game and also constantly remind him of where he is at with his golf goals.

Using reminders whether they are people or computer generated, keep us accountable to our goals and our promises. And not being accountable to our own promises is the single biggest reason we fail at reaching our goals.

I have used a coach and have studied effective goal setting for years.

The single biggest reason high power executives use professional coaches is to remind them of their progress and push them towards their goals or dream goals.

I have used reminders on my website to help me construct an entire business. Each Sunday the reminders would pop up, I would fill in my goal tracker and, I would have a history of my progress. Without reminders to help you track your progress you will most likely fail. With regular reminders, whether they are daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly, you will increase your changes of reaching your goal ten fold.

In Summary

Using reminders to be accountable to your goals is the most effective tool in order to reach a goal or dream goal.

Tiger Woods and high power executives have coaches as mentors and as well as to constantly remind them to work on their goals and review their progress. This is the road to phenomenal success.

You can start using reminders right now.

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