Why The My Life Changes Tracker Can Change Your Life Forever

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My Life Changes is based on setting goals according to your personal values. Your personal values are the core and essential foundation of you.   Living according to your values will fundamentally drive you towards a life of happiness or misery.  Wealth or debt. Health or death.  Keeping them close to your heart is the most important things you can do.

One of my core values is freedom. Another is tranquility (or no stress). These values stop me from taking the wrong job (too much travel and being away from home) or help me find ways to eliminate stress in my life (listening to audio books as I am stuck in traffic every morning).

When you use the tracker take a serious look at your values. The link to the article below (Your Values, Your life) could not explain it more beautifully. Please read it and take some time to reflect.  Are you living according to your own values or values that society, friends or family are imposing on you?

This may be the most important thing you will do….ever.


Your Values, Your Life

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