NEXT 30 DAYS CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE – How Belief Is The Most Powerful Tool In The Universe

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“I’m trying to free your mind, Neo. But I can only show you the door. You’re the one that has to walk through it.”

Belief is what makes good sports teams great. Belief is what makes alcoholics stop drinking. Belief is what made Facebook and Google into Billion dollar companies.

Do you REALLY believe you can change? Do doubts crawl and creep into your mind when you need to perform? Do you let your co-workers negativity affect your belief in yourself?

A couple of months ago I gave a presentation to IT and business Industry leaders from all over North America at a conference in Florida. I was invited to speak because of an article I had written on the Internet five years ago.  After a subsequent interview I was invited to speak in Florida and Prague. I worked on the sixty minute presentation over four weekends. When I made it down to Florida and stood on the podium with a twenty foot screen behind me I believed.

A few people later told me that not only was the presentation enjoyable from a technical perspective, but that I had inspired and motivated them as well. This was high praise indeed.

If I had not had a deep belief in myself it would not have been the success it was.

This deep rooted type of belief applies to everything in life.

From losing weight, reducing debt, finding peace or finding love belief is the most powerful tool in the universe. It moves mountains. It frees countries.

I think many of us already are experts in our fields. I believe many of us KNOW what to do. I believe many of us understand what or who is holding us back. All that remains is to go out there and believe. That is the last small step that many of us can’t seem to take.

We have a limiting belief in our selves.

Take the next thirty days and think about which beliefs are holding you back. Get rid of them right now.  And make new ones.

You can avoid fast food.

You can stop wasting your money on stuff you don’t really need.

You can get out there and start to at least walk around the block.

You can become a believer.

“You have to let it all go, Neo. Fear, doubt, and disbelief. Free your mind.”

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    One thought on “NEXT 30 DAYS CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE – How Belief Is The Most Powerful Tool In The Universe

    1. Hi, Terry. I am Olga, and I am from Moscow, Russia. I’ve been reading your posts for more than a year, but it’s the first time I dared to comment. Why the first time? Because I used to think that my comments are too common and not interesting to read. I do suffer of disbelief in myself, though I am an expert in my field (I’ve been working for five years as a senior editor and translator in a large company). I work out about five or six times a week (two times in a gym and jogging for about an hour and a half), though still believe I am a kind of a loser. I have no extra weight, but still I think I am fat and not attractive. I do not eat fast food, I have not debts, but still I am not believer. Why not? I wish I know this. I know, it is weird, but it is a fact. Every time I am doing something, I doubt myself to death and think I am not good enough. My fear is holding me back and is literally ruining me. I am not an alcoholic but sometimes I drink too much just to make fear less painful too me. I’ve written hundreds of texts, but right now I am afraid that my next text will not good enough and it kills me. You are so right that belief is essential to success. And I hope sometimes I will find this belief in myself. Thank you for your inspiration!

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