Why Your Core Values Lead To A More Meaningful Life

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After you have used My Life Changes to answer the question “Who am I”, how do you live up to who you really are? Knowing your core values is the next crucial step to creating a life filled with meaning and purpose. Knowing and living by your values is all about retaining your personal power. Your values reflect the authentic you and every time you don’t live by them, or someone takes them away, your personal power diminishes. Your values are also your moral compass that possibly guide for the rest of your life!

Say for example, you have a cherished value called freedom. Freedom means leaving the office at a reasonable hour to see your family. Freedom means creating boundaries for your boss and co-workers so you don’t work 60 hour weeks and take vacations at times YOU define.  Your values, personal power and boundaries you define are deeply intertwined. Do you spend your time living according to your values? Do you know your values? Do you value freedom, beauty, appreciation, and compassion? Interesting question, isn’t it? And your values will certainly change as you grow. Being a bachelor as opposed to a family man might bring two different sets of values.

Define your core personal values today. Maybe freedom is one of them?

The three simple My Life Changes steps

1. Who am I?
2. What are my core values?
3. What are my goals?

Take 5 minutes to define these and forever change your life.  

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