Are You Creating A Life Filled With Happiness, Joy And Wealth?

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My website helps people create and track their “Who Am I” statement, Core Values, and Goals. It isn’t easy for people to think about these things and become introspective. It’s like avoiding the dreaded doctor’s check-up and lighting up another smoke. But I believe that finding meaning and purpose in this world is the single most important goal you can set for yourself. It all starts with your “Who Am I” statement. Who are you? Are you a father and entrepreneur? Are you an athlete and wealth builder? Are you all four? Have you decided on your future you?

Plenty of people don’t ask themselves these important questions and remain in a permanent state of denial, depending on TV, credit cards, potato chips, celebrity blogs, and kicking the dog to get them through the day. Usually it takes a dramatic life change, disaster or hitting rock bottom to wake them up and appreciate life for what it is.

Life is a continuous journey of valleys, hills and peaks. The trick is to get out and enjoy the ride and challenges along the way. Enjoy the valleys and peaks! It may mean breaking free and taking a few risks! Continuing on a consumer treadmill or watching hours of TV is a temporary superficial joy and has nothing to do with rejoicing in the wonder of  nature and being human.

I bought a new car recently and the initial euphoria of its leather seats, Bose stereo, and sunroof, has worn off for the most part. Sure it’s comfy but I haven’t really grown as a person because of it. It’s only metal on rubber wheels.

What is important to me is the meaning, purpose and hope I am creating in my life, as well as freedom, happiness, joy, compassion and love. However I am also aware that wealth creation for me can equate to freedom in life.

So don’t wait until you hit rock bottom or a disaster strikes to  finally live your dream.

My own journey continues here. I hope yours does too.

So….Who are you?

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