3 Proven Ways You Can Radically Change Your Life

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There have been some fascinating news articles written lately about why we become fat, happy (or not), and have possibly stopped thinking for ourselves. Here are a few excellent ways to change your life for the better. Also please see the links below.

Educate yourself (learn about evolution) and your brain

My own journey towards truth and happiness began by reading about human beings, their evolution throughout the ages and also how the brain works. Why is salt, television, and smoking so common yet so bad for us? One reason is because we have let media or our friends (I’ll explain this later) influence us. How much time do you spend watching television and are you benefiting from it? Are all those McDonalds commercials good for you? How often do you read a non-fiction book? Do you understand why you have bad habits and addictions? Maybe it is because the brain actually rewires itself and the neurons and connections actually strengthen inside the brain as habits and addictions strengthen. There is nothing more important than picking up a book and educating yourself. I’ll give you a great link to a few good books and article.

Turn off the TV and advertisements

Where do you get your ideas and beliefs from? Do you get them from the television or the Internet?  Maybe you are becoming fatter, unhappy or lonely because you have not bothered to learn the scientific facts about obesity, happiness and relationships? Perhaps we are looking for a quick fix from the Internet (including Google solutions) or television and have learned to stopped thinking for ourselves. So shut off unnecessary social influences and start reading a book and talking to your friends. Talking to your friends is tremendously important to you. Here is why.

Make friends with similar interests

I told my friend about my love of small MacDonald’s hamburgers. I don’t eat them often but when I do they sure are yummy. My friend calls them “candy”. I think he is right, it is just white bread, a small piece of meat and a few condiments. Those small burgers are a small tasty snack but with almost zero nutrition. Almost like candy right?  So I don’t eat them as often. Studies have proven that our social networks and friends have a huge influence on us. In one study when one person becomes very fat, the spouse’s risk will increase 37 percent. If a friend became obese the risk to another friend went up 171%! So you see how our social networks and friends can influence us? Our habits and happiness are directly related to our social networks. We are people. We need each other. So our friends may make us happy but can be very unhealthy for us. Good idea to start thinking for yourself a bit more?

Click on these link for a few good book recommendations and a great article.

How To Overcome Addictions

The Buddy System:How Medical Data Revealed Secret To Health And Happiness.

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    6 thoughts on “3 Proven Ways You Can Radically Change Your Life

    1. at the stage where I need to drastically change my life – caught in a rut is unproductive, boring and pointless. Looking forward to some uplifting info

    2. I really think that you’ve done a great job with this wordpress site it looks really good and you have a ton of great information as well, I know I found what I was searching for anyway. Just thought I would take the time to comment, again keep up the good work

    3. Thanks for your kind comment. I hope you find a few pearls of information that can help, give you a new view point or at the very least give you a smile.

    4. May I also suggest another suggestion in how to change one’s life. Read any book by Alice Miller. Change guaranteed.

      ‘Thou Shalt Not Be Aware’
      ‘For Your Own Good’
      ‘The Drama Of The Gifted Child’

      I defy anyone to be the same after reading her books. I know. It changed me.

    5. Joe: Thanks for the recommendations, I will add Alice Miller to my Amazon cart. The reviews look great. And as someone who is half Asian and adopted by first generation Russian and Belgium parents who lived through WWII I think I can relate to her views.

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