NEXT 90 DAYS CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE – A Warning From My Life Changes.

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Most of the moments in life are lost forever.  We have about 600,000 moments a month and our remembering self ignores almost all of them. Kinda sad huh?

Are you keeping score of your life? What is the score? Are you proud of your score?

Are your memories beautiful stories that you can tell yourself, families or friends? Or are your recent memories of watching television? Maybe you have been stuffing yourself with burger and fries. Are you in a cubicle working late for that brainless boss?

Why aren’t you creating wonderful memories? Why aren’t you creating a story of your life that will make you proud?

Have that dinner party with your best friends and share your dreams. Feed those dreams to your soul.

Write your dreams down, stick a date on them and make them fucking happen.

Your future is waiting for you.

Take that meditation class.

Get your ass to the gym and hire a trainer.

Take your kids to the zoo.

Make that passion into a living, breathing business.

Fill your life and memories to the brim with fabulous stories. Stop being scared. Take a fucking risk.

The next 90 days are wide open.

Make memories that connect with your soul. Make memories that last until eternity. Make memories that shake the very core of your being. Go crazy.

Now you have a story to tell the world. Now your score is 10 out of 10.

The world is waiting.

90 days.

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