Now! How To Make A Life Change Stick

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With so many distractions these days and a continuous bombardment of news and advertising, no wonder it’s difficult to make life changes.  We try to change but short term gratification is always around the corner to take us off our path.  It may be that extra glass of wine, jelly filled doughnut, TV remote, or a quick shopping spree with a Visa card.

We only have so much will power, and like a well trained muscle our will power runs out. So how do we gain more will power?

By making our life change, new habit or ritual painful to break.

That is why I wrote about putting in a pledge into My Life Changes. This pledge will be like sharing a contract with another person.  If you fail to make your life change stick you have to give the other person whatever you pledged.  It may be 5 dollars, 100, you favourite CD, DVD, sweater or whatever you wish to put in the contract.  It’s your choice what you decide to pledge.  You may also pledge something to yourself as well, as a reward for sticking with your life change and keeping a promise to meeting your goal.

So begin to think about what kind of pledge you want to make.  Bring your friends in on it. Make it fun.

You will be surprised how a little sacrifice (or pain) will make you succeed.

I pledge to give ____ if I do not reach my goal, by this date __ __ __

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