Do You Make This Life Changing Mistake?

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Probably the best piece of advice I’ve read lately when making life changes is to STICK TO ONE.

One what?

One life change at a time.

Pick the one life change that will have the greatest impact to your life.

The bonus is that this one life change will positively impact other key areas of your life.

If you lose weight, you become healthier and more attractive.

If you reduce your debt you also reduce your stress.

If you become happier you will become more successful and improve your social life.

Don’t ever try to lose weight, reduce your debt, become happier AND learn to play the piano. Ever.

Pick one life change and write down a few mini goals to support that one change.

If you are using the My Life Changes Tracker, define who you are, define your most important core value and then define one major goal with a deadline. Then define the mini goals that will support that one major goal.

If your core personal value is Health then decide to lose 20 pounds by January 1st 2012.

Then make it a goal to not keep sweets in the house.

Then make it a goal to plan healthy meals every Sunday.

Then make it a goal to bring fruit to work as a snack.

Turn those mini goals into habits and you are on your way.

One life change at a time. Attack the one area of your life that will have the greatest impact.

Go ahead. I’m sure you already know what it is.

Now attack it with a laser like focus.

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