3 Ways To Make Peace With Money

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I enjoy money. Actually, I have had a strong love hate relationship with money all my life. It has completely stressed me out at times, been a constant worry and also made me ecstatic.

Discover what money represents to you

Are you conscious of how much money you carry around? Is paying bills a chore? Do you whip out a credit card because you want to keep your cash on you? Do you spend more than you make? Let’s face it, money is a huge driving force in our lives. However, first we decide what lifestyle we choose to live and then we try to make enough money to live that lifestyle. Some of my friends are brilliant and thoughtful people yet have no desire to accumulate wealth. As long as they have a roof and food they are happy. Books help too. Some of my friends are wealthy. They love a challenge and some challenges have made them rich. If money has conditioned you to constantly think about it, then you need to change your relationship with it. Do you want a peaceful existence with money? Look first at your lifestyle. Is your lifestyle high maintenance? Perhaps you just need to look around and see how much effort it takes to maintain your lifestyle. If it is too much effort, then make the required changes to live a simpler and less stressful life. Start making those changes today! Start with one small change.

Remove all fear of money.

Most people I know worry about their future when it comes to money. They equate money with happiness. They worry constantly if they will have enough. Or they fall for get rich quick schemes. What if you changed your lifestyle and did not have to worry about money anymore? How would that make you feel? What SENSATION would that bring? It would probably be a huge weight off your back. Your life may even become completely stress free! Don’t you want to FEEL that sensation? Think about waking up every day and not having any money worries. I bet that your lifestyle has become simpler as well. Learn to let all of the fear go. You will love that stress free sensation. Learn to remove all the fear.

Its fine to treat yourself …but

All this talk about materialism on the Internet can make people feel incredibly guilty about buying anything. I don’t think it’s bad to buy yourself a treat for working hard. Even if that treat is a fancy sports car. However, I think it’s important these days to understand whether your purchases are creating a big carbon footprint. I think it’s important to consider the environment when making purchases. A global economy has huge consequences. If you decorate your personal jet with a rare African wood, perhaps you just made that wood extinct. Perhaps the emissions from your jet are seriously contributing to global warming. Perhaps that plastic trinket you bought extracted a cup of oil from the ground. If we do treat ourselves, think about the earth’s resources that went into building that treat. Perhaps you won’t buy it after all. Perhaps your life will also be simpler. And mother earth will thank you. Do you really care? I hope so.

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