Keeping New Years Resolutions – The Very Best Method

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If you really want to grow and develop as a person it takes more then just setting goals haphazardly. It takes a step-by-step, but optimality simple approach that will bring a rich, joyful, wealthy and healthy life leading to balance and sustainability.

The habits, rituals, and choices we make in life are all derived from our goal setting. Goal setting is derived from our core values. Core values come from our own meaning and purpose statement. Or as some people call it – our mission statement.

Almost all our goals that are met and sustained can be derived using this optimality simple approach.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

Meaning and purpose statement first.
Core values second.
Goal setting third.
New rituals, choices or habits fourth.

Let’s use Lance Armstrong as an example of someone who has achieved his goals. Breaking down his thinking will illustrate the steps in a simple and effective manner.

What would be part of his meaning and purpose? Lets make this very simple. Meaning and purpose isn’t that complicated. You are on this earth for a reason. To be a dad? To be an athlete? To teach? All of these?

At one point Lance decided to be an athlete. Therefore his meaning and purpose statement would include.

I am an athlete….

In order to be an athlete and become world class would someone like Lance Armstrong have any core values?

Very simply his core values might be

Self – discipline

To live according to those core values, would he have any goals? I certainly hope so.

Ride my bike six times a week for six hours.
Eat a balanced diet.
Get eight hours of sleep.

Did these goals turn into habits or rituals? Of course they did. If they hadn’t, we might know him as Lance Armstrong, copy machine salesman.

So there you have it.

1. Meaning and purpose.
2. Core Values.
3. Goal Setting third.
4. New rituals, choices or habits.

Review them daily. Live them.

Simple yet incredibly effective.

The new year is around the corner. Start reflecting now on your values and goals.

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