8 Proven ways to Slash Stress Today And Find Pure Joy And Contentment In Life

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Dogs sleepingLike many of you, I have huge pain-in-the-ass stressors in my life. A job as a senior IT consultant, health concerns, information overload, retirement planning and of course bills and taxes.

After reading and practising hundreds of ways to lead a stress free life, here is what is working for me and can definitely work for you. My resources include the Mayo Clinic, TED talks and a few fabulous books on gratitude.

1. Changing a mind is like changing any other habit.

I am changing how I think each and every day. Each day I wake up and avoid negative thoughts. Each day I judge people less and less. Each day I find more to feel grateful for, more to love, more to wonder upon and more to accept. This year I am 100% less stressed, happier and leaning towards contentment. I am changing my daily thoughts.  I am changing my habits.

2. Upon waking I silently send grateful thoughts to people and pets that are in (or have been) my life.

I wake up and picture people or pets that I’m grateful to have in my life. This starts the day off in a calm and peaceful manner. I avoid advertising thoughts. I avoid work issues. Sometimes I think and picture a pet that has passed away and I’ve shared wonderful times with. I think about our daily walks in the forest and the joy in their furry face as they run. These are some of the moments that have brought joy in my life. I am so incredibly lucky to have had these moments.

3. In the morning I give thanks to all the simple pleasures I’m fortunate to have.

I wake up and listen to a guided meditation on my iPhone. Isn’t amazing we can do this? Isn’t it amazing we have electricity at the flick of a switch?  I shower and appreciate having warm clean water each and every morning. I can also drink as much water as I like! Millions of people around the world don’t have clean drinking water. I eat breakfast and appreciate all the people that have worked to make my breakfast possible. The people that picked the food, processed it, the truckers and all the others. I am changing my daily thoughts. I marvel on being on this amazing planet.     

4. In the morning I write out 10 things I’m grateful for

Ever write out 10 simple things you are grateful for? Each grateful thing I write down makes me smile big.  I am grateful for the warm sun, the chirping birds, for my upcoming warm vacation in Florida, for just being here on this planet.  And a hundred other little things.

5. I stopped judging people and choose to give them silent well wishes.

Instead of getting irritated and passing judgement at the bad driver, slow shopper in line or passive aggressive client …I silently wish them well. “I wish you well” This has removed boatloads of unnecessary stress. I am not a push over doing this. I am changing my thoughts. I am changing my daily thoughts. I am creating new habits. I am enjoying this journey called “life.”

6. I purposely find moments of pure joy and avoid black mind clouds

I watch the morning sun through the trees. I stand still before getting in my car and hear the birds chirping. I smell the crisp morning air.  I feel grateful for my pleasant and talented co-workers. I take a walk in nature at lunch. I find many little joys throughout the day. I avoid black thoughts. They are quickly vanishing. They are a waste of my precious time.

7. I train my mind to stay in the moment – through the habit of meditation.

I find moments of stillness during the day. At home I meditate for a few minutes. Now I don’t have knee jerk reactions during the day. I am thoughtful before reacting. I feel a wave of Zen instead of letting my emotions run away. I am changing my daily mind habits.      

8. There is no final happiness …it’s always a journey…forever and ever.

I won’t finally be happy when I retire. I won’t finally be happy when I make a million dollars. Life is full of valley and peaks. Just enjoy the ride. Don’t worry about the destination.  I am changing my daily thoughts. I am creating new habits.

Just enjoy the ride.

Terry Vermeylen is the founder of My Life Changes and wants you to help you to cultivate new habits to bring infinite joy into your life. Please like and share this article!

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