The Big List Of How Gratitude Saves You Money, Stress and Promotes Happiness

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BabyhandOnce you change your daily thoughts from future worries to thoughts of gratitude, your life will literally change as new habits develop.


  1. Gratitude saves you money as you wake up and send thanks to at least one person in your life. Picture them in your mind and send them a silent thank you. Do it daily. This starts the day off right and avoids stressing thoughts about not having the latest IPhone, or whatever stuff you think you need.
  2. Thinking thoughts of gratitude in the morning or during the day, reminds you that having the simple things in life is more important than anything money can buy. What if you had no running water? What if you had to forage for food? If you lost your eye sight or could not walk would you be grateful to get them back?   Think daily about these simple pleasures you are fortunate to have.
  3. Thinking thoughts of gratitude slows your morning down. Instead of running around, take a few moments to remember the love a pet brought you. Take a few moments to feel the joy your kids bring you. Remember those wonderful family meals and vacations.  You are standing on a planet spinning in the universe surrounded by billions of stars. Think that thought and look up. Slow down and breathe the morning ar.
  4. Thoughts of gratitude sprinkled throughout the day, stops you entering the dark holes in your mind. People will always get on our nerves. Bosses will always be demanding. Work never stops. But you can stop your insecurities and you can stop judging people. Silently wish them all safety, happiness, health and a life of ease. Practise repeating this phrase until it’s a daily habit. Keep wishing them all these things. You will feel the stress melt away.
  5. Gratitude will bring you closer to love. Learn to love what’s truly important in your life. Thoughts of gratitude moves you towards love. And love is what we all want in our lives. Name me one person who does not want more love.

I now wish you safety, happiness, health and a life of ease.

Terry Vermeylen is the founder of My Life Changes and wants you to help you to cultivate new habits to bring infinite joy into your life. Please like and share this article! Oh …and sign up for the newsletter.

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