If You Don’t Set Goals Now, You’ll Hate Yourself Later.

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You are getting this because you subscribed to the My Life Changes newsletter. Something inside of you decided that you need to make life changes.  A serious part of making life changes is setting goals.

What type of life do you want? What specifically do you want out of life? What goals can you write down that will motivate you to make important life changes?

Do you wish to lose weight so you can run in the backyard with your kids next year?

Do you wish to get out of debt so you can take a dream vacation or start a business?

Do you want to begin meditating so work and family stress is easier to deal with?

These are a few specific goals you can vision and keep in your head until you have reached them.

These are a few specific examples of goals you can use to gain courage, self confidence and create a healthy self image.

It’s time for you to take action right now. Don’t end up hating yourself now because you didn’t take action  right now.

Make your dreams a reality. Nothing is stopping you except yourself.

Break free of your chains and just do it.

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